Dr. Collier's Itinerary 


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April 2016

New Morning Star Baptist Church
Virginia Beach, VA
Sunday, April 10th
Pastor, Dr. E. Austin

Anderson Chapel C.M.E.
Holley Springs, MS
April 11th - 13th
 @ 7:00 p.m, Nightly
Pastor, W. Banks

Logtown Bethel Church
Yatesville, GA
Sunday, April 17th
@2:30 p.m
Pastor, J. L. Wade

Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
Flovilla, GA

April 20th - 22th
 @ 7:00pm, Nightly

Pastor, J. Smith

Antioch Baptist Church
Forsyth, GA

April 25th - 27th
 @ 7:03pm, Nightly

Pastor, C. Thurman

Vaughn Chapel Baptist Church
Milledgeville, GA

April 28th & 29th
 @ 7:30pm, Nightly

Pastor, T. Frayley





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