Dr. Collier Itinerary 


Dr. Collier In a City Near You


April 2014


Tessie Hall B.C.
Sunday April 6
320 Boxankle Rd. Forsyth, GA 31029
Pastor, T. Sams

Laodicea B.C.
Monday April 7-Friday April 11
7:30pm Nightly
101 Westbrooks Rd Forsyth, GA 31029
Pastor, T. Head

Mt. Carmel B.C.
Sunday April 13
2755 Campbellton Rd, Atlanta Ga 30331
Pastor, T. Flemming Sr.

Mt. Pleasant B.C
Wednesday April 23-Friday April 25
7:30pm Nightly
557 Mount Pleasant Church Rd Flovilla Ga 
Pastor J. Smith

St. James B.C.
Sunday April 27
110 James St. Forsyth Ga 31029
Pastor, A. Proctor

Antioch B.C.
Monday April 28-Wed April 30
7:30pm Nightly
1096 Old Cabiness Rd Forsyth Ga 31029
Pastor, C. Thurman






On any important truth the devil tries to get you to stop too short,or go too far...